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Data Collection and Processing System KUPOL-N

Data Collection and Processing System (DCPS) "KUPOL-N" is an integrated software and hardware complex, including:

- Security Alarm and Access Control Systems ("KUPOL-N-SAACS");

- Video Surveillance System ("KUPOL-N-VSS").

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The DCPS "KUPOL-N" presents software that allows to integrate into the security system of the facility the physical protection hardware with software add-on designed to solve local tasks of physical protection of the facility with a branched structure, for example: protection of water areas on the perimeter of the facility, creation of security perimeter with the use of systems of electric shock impact, lighting control of various parts of the physical protection system of the facility.

Thus, the DCPS "KUPOL-N" allows you to process signals and manage all the physical security hardware from one operator's workstation.

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