SSOI-KUPOL data collection and processing system (DCPS) is designed to integrate separate engineering systems into an integrated security system with centralized data storage, unified display and remote control of technical security equipment. SSOI-KUPOL DCPS supports on-site operations with special requirements for information security.


  • data collection, processing and storage;

  • registration of messages from technical security equipment;

  • registration of user actions;

  • remote control of equipment;

  • remote monitoring of equipment operability;

  • integration of security systems;

  • real-time situation display;

  • decision support at the operational and tactical levels.


  • access control system;

  • security alarm system - perimeter security, indoor protection;

  • alarm call signaling system;

  • closed-circuit television system with video analytics;

  • security lighting system;

  • non-lethal stun effect system.

SSOI-KUPOL DCPS supports multi-server configuration. The scale of the guarded object varies from individual secure areas to facilities with defense-in-depth system as a whole.

SSOI-KUPOL system provides the second class of protection from unauthorized access and the third level of undocumented feature monitoring.



SSOI-KUPOL server is a high-performance reliable computer with server components of the KUPOL software package and the KUPOL database installed on it. The DCPS server provides centralized processing of events in real time, automated management, and storage of the DCPS information.Astra Linux or MS Windows Server OS can be installed on the server.

Databases of SSOI-KUPOL perform the following functions:

  • storage of the DCPS user credentials;

  • storage of the information about composition and settings of managed TMPP;

  • storage of the information about logical and algorithmic settings of DCPS;

  • centralized storage of message protocols.






  • the main service providing information interaction of all other services and applications


  • automatic execution of the configured sequence of commands that control the operating modes of technical equipment and logical elements of DCPS when these events occur or at predetermined times

Device groups

  • logical combination of any alarming entrances and loops to security zones

  • creation of a hierarchy of security zones

  • monitoring the status of security zones

  • group managements of security activation-deactivation

Access cards

  • issuing commands for loading / unloading access cards to controllers and ACS bioterminals

  • arbitration when editing information on access cards and subscribers by several users

DB Service

  • running backup of databases and local configuration files

  • removal irrelevant messages

  • restore databases and settings files from backups

  • sending messages and receiving control commands from the Registrator service

Technical facilities services (Drivers)

  • interaction with technical means of physical protection


Access control and security alarm system SSOI-KUPOL controllers are designed for providing control and management of access and security alarm of a protected facility.

Access control and management system (ACS) controllers control passagethrough doors and turnpikes with possibility of controlling passing discipline and adjustable passing tactics.

The controller includes a base module and 1 to 15 extension modules. ACS extension modules are designed for connection of 2 readers using Wiegand standard (1 door with 2-side control or 2 doors with 1-side control) or turnstile or up to 8 OSDP readers (2 doors with 2-side control or 8 doors with 1-side control).



Base module

Security alarm system

expansion module

Security alarm system (SAS) controllers provide for collection of information from security annunciators, managements of security activation-deactivation and control or actuators.

The controller includes a base module and 1 to 15 extension modules. SAS extension modules are designed for connection of 8 addressed security loops, 8 actuators or remote control of sensors.



Base module

Security alarm system

expansion module


SSOI-KUPOL DCPS user workstation is intended for entering the configuration data of the DCPS, entering data on passes and ACS subscribers, entering control commands, displaying the operating environment, and supporting decision-making. Taking into account the purpose, it may also include additional peripheral devices connected to the computer.







  • setting up of the users and working stations list of KUPOL DCPS

  • setting up rights to launch applications, access rights to individual elements of the “KUPOL” DCPS (technical means, messages, program settings, program functions)


DB administrator

  • creating backup copies of a database

  • restoring a database from backup copies

  • removal of irrelevant entries from the database

DB Administrator.PNG


  • setting up technical means of physical protection and logical elements of DCPS for all services and drivers of the KUPOL DCPS

  • loading controllers and control devices


Pass Design

  • setting up the pass printing templates

  • setting up the elements of user interface of the Pass Office application

Pass design.PNG

Pass Office

  • maintaining a register of cardholders

  • selection or capture of a photo from a web camera

  • input biometric standards, input codes of electronic passes

  • assignment of PINs and personal access permissions assignment of graphic access ciphers, production of passes

  • uploading / downloading of data on passes and personal access permissions to ACMS controllers

Pass Office.png

* Photos and personal data have been generated automatically

Оператор охраны

  • monitoring the operational situation at the guarded facility

  • real-time display of text messages on alarms, faults, access events, operator actions

  • displaying the status of the technical means of physical protection on graphic plans

  • displaying live video and video recordings

  • remote control of operating modes

  • display of pre-configured instructions and guidances for individual events

  • display information about passes through selected access points

  • access authorization through specially protected access points

Оператор охраны_en-01.png

* Photos and personal data have been generated automatically


  • live video and video records viewing using pre-configured screen layouts (video plans)

  • video output from alarm areas; video image capture and display

  • digital zoom

  • PTZ camera control

Телемонитор-3 без шариков.png


  • Reports application provides the generation of tabular type reports on any messages stored in the database of KUPOL DCPS

Reports .png

Working time

  • generation of specialized reports based on access messages stored in the database of the KUPOL DCPS: attendance, non-attendance, lateness reports, personal time sheets

Working time1-01.png