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Creation of systems for facility security lighting with the function of the lamp operation control.

Device structure

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Brief description of "QUASAR-H" elements


Lighting management hardware unit "QUASAR-H"

Management of security perimeter lighting system:

  • forming of lamp groups (areas) to be switched on simultaneously;

  • setting up a particular order for lights (groups) to be switched on;

  • integration with alarm systems for managing security lighting areas on “Alarm” signals.

Monitoring of security lighting system:

  • showing lamp groups and individual lamps working mode on the display unit with the ability to select the group (lamp) with the keyboard;

  • the formation of an alarm message at an unauthorized change of lamp (group) working mode with the address display.


Load status controller (LSC) “QUASAR-H”

Lamp on status management with the hardware unit “QUASAR-H”:

  • On / off;

  • Brightness increase / decrease.

Transmission of information on the status of the lamp on to the hardware unit “QUASAR-H“.


Workstation with “QUASAR-H” software

Performs “QUASAR-H” hardware unit functions and can be used in conjunction with it. The function of forming areas and setting modes are performed with AWS and operational management is provided by “QUASAR-H” hardware unit.

The use of AWS without “QUASAR-H” hardware unit is acceptable for the areas forming functions and mode setting as well as operational management.


Lighting supports

Fixed or folding supports with hardware housing, structurally adapted for ”QUASAR-H” load status controller (LSC) installation.

Device General Parameters

Operation modes of the device “QUASAR-H”

  1. Control mode: light switch on / off made with a manual control panel or with other control devices; the device provided in the set is for lamps (groups) status control only.

  2. Pre (program) mode, allowing to set the working algorithm, facility security lighting with split into sections or individual lamps.

  3. Security perimeter lighting integrated with TECPPM facility as an external control device (with signals «Alarm» at secutiry alarm system areas);

  4. Manual lighting control mode without performing the light status controller functions.

Lighting system parameters with one "QUASAR-H" hardware lighting control unit

Number of load status controllers (lighting supports) “QUASAR-H”

up to 240

Maximum lamp power

3000 W

Maximum length of the perimeter with controlled lighting system (with the supports span up to 20 m)

up to 5000 m

Max length between load status controllers

1200 m

Complex “QUASAR-H” status self-monitoring

  • Fault detection in communication line RS 485: short circuit, break and jamming;

  • Fault detection in the light and the LED groups light;

  • Warning of lighting system high voltage at maintenance or repair work.

Possible power supply of complex load status “QUASAR-H” controllers

  1. Stand alone power load status controllers “QUASAR-H” (provides constant monitoring and control of the system). Supply voltage 12-24 VDC.

  2. With no stand alone power load blocks (the work of controllers starts at power lamps).
    Power supply 187 to 242 V (50± 1) Hz, single phase (from the main power cable).

Lighting supports

  • Specialized fixed supports “QUASAR-H“

  • Specialized folding supports “QUASAR-H“

  • Available on-site lighting supports

Electromagnetic compatibility

meets the requirements of GOST R 50746-2000 p. 4, for group II performance, the quality criteria for the operation is not lower than “B”.

Temperature range

-60° C to +50° C

Life time

not less than 10 years


QUASAR-H” lighting management unit

It is aimed for the monitoring of the load status control units, obtaining information on the operation of the complex on the perimeter.

The hardware unit performs the following functions:

  • registration of load status controller in the memory in the desired configuration;

  • formation of the status controllers in groups (sections);

  • displaying information about the lamp status (on, off, failure);

  • displaying information about the general status of the system;

  • sound notification of failures (accidents);

  • providing data transit with PC management.

The hardware unit is mounted in a standard 19” rack. Management is carried out by the front panel buttons, digital display and LED indicators display information about the facility lighting status.


QUASAR-H“ hardware load status controller

The unit is designed to control the operation of the lamp with power up to 3,000 watts and provides the status lamp control due to the consumed current measuring as well as reports information on the light status, and the presence of voltage in the main cable.

A box sized 220-90-60 installed with the controller board inside , the external display of operating modes and connectors for wiring.

The housing has mounting holes for placing the controller in the mounting bay lighting supports or in housings on the support or in the section cabinet.

External LED display allows you to assess quickly the system status and fault localization as well as the safety of preventive or repair work:

Светодиодная индикация:

  • presense of a low-voltage power supply unit

  • Uпит - blue LED

  • RS 485 work line interface

  • RS485 - white LED

  • presense of a working load

  • Uнагр - green LED

  • the presence of high voltage lines

  • 220V - red LED


QUASAR-H“ complex workstation

WS ”QUASAR-H” is intended for the administration and management of ”QUASAR-H” complex. In order to optimize the management it is possible to integrate into the WS complex engineering and technical systems of physical protection of the facility.

”QUASAR-H” complex administrator performs the following actions:

  • integrates all facility’s lighting areas into a single complex;

  • creates a graphical outline of the complex ”QUASAR-H” and the individual areas;

  • sets conditions for communication and management for switching on the light (power) at set areas, alarm–”QUASAR-H” connection modes.


“QUASAR-H“ complex operator performs the following actions:

  • monitors the status of ”QUASAR-H” areas (up to the status of each lamp);

  • processes the incoming signals and malfunctions;

  • if necessary, manually starts and stops lighting (load) on the areas (up to each individual lamp or load control unit).


Lighting supports

For the “QUASAR-H“ complex specialty lighting columns of contemporary design are manufactured of two types: fixed support and folding support.

The height of the support is determined by the customer's specifications. Standard supports of 4 and 6 m are available at all times.

The use of existing lighting facility poles is possible. In case the “QUASAR-H-100“ controllers can not be installed into the existing support, the installation into the section cabinet or on fence rack is allowed.


Steel supports are covered with 80-140 microns zinc coating by hot dip galvanizing ensuring its durability and weathering protection.

Outer layer — high-quality polyester two-layer coating (not less than 100 microns) shows high corrosion and impact resistance, adhesion, chemical resistance to industrial and domestic alkalis, acids and resistant to temperature extremes.


Fixed supports “QUASAR-H“ are supports with brackets for mounting lamps and consist of:

  • support with space for installation of the load status controller;

  • specialized for the required parameters (current consumption) LED lamp;

  • bracket for mounting one or two lamps.

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Folding supports ”QUASAR-H” consist of:

  • support with space for installation of the load status controller, winch mount, cable outlet for cctv and other devices in the upper part;

  • specialized for the current consumption LED lamp;

  • кbracket for mounting one or two lamps;

  • manual winch with a force up to 250 kg.

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