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The system is aimed at protecting strategic facilities – creating engineering secured perimeter with non-lethal stun effect on the intruder.



Brief description of IPESD "MOLNIA" elements

ЗЭШУ Молния

Protective Stun Effect Device (PSED) “MOLNIA–K.212”

  1. Development of high voltage pulses to the electrified fence at the perimeter protection site.

  2. Alarm voice and light warning for the entire time of high voltage on at electrified fence of the perimeter protection site.

  3. Integration with alarm system (AS) on the perimeter security site:

    • turn on a high voltage signal “Alarm“ from the controller;

    • transfer signal “Alarm“ to the controller when the high voltage is on.

  4. Detection when trying to neutralize the high voltage electrified fence.

ЗЭШУ Молния

Electrified fence

Engineering fence with function of non-lethal stun effect.

It possesses electric properties as well as moral and psychological impact on the intruder causing reluctance to continue penetration.

ЗЭШУ Молния

Workstation of IPESD “MOLNIA”

  1. Setting the operating modes and PSED areas control of the security perimeter.

  2. Fast PSED parameters control at protected perimeter areas.

  3. Turn on/off high voltage at the perimeter protection site.

  4. Emergency stop of high voltage at protected perimeter areas.

System General Parameters

Modes of high voltage pulses

  • Сonstantly present at power on at PSED.

  • Automatically on with ”Alarm” signal at protected perimeter site.

  • Activated manually by the operator.

The length of 1 PSED ”MOLNIA” section depending on the height of the electrified fence

Fence Height:

Section Length:

over 3.6 m

up to 400 m

2,0 – 3,5 m

up to 800 m

in the visor fence

up to 1200m

Detection when trying to neutralize the high voltage electrified fence

PSED “Alarm” signal when the violator attempts to neutralize the effect of high voltage.


- at short-circuit electrified fences wires;


- at any wire grounding of the electrified fence;


- at break of any electrified fence wire.

PSED parameters self control

Generation of signal “Fault” status:

  • with the loss of the high voltage at electrified fences on the site;

  • at verbal or warning light alarm system crash;

  • at breakage of any connecting cable from the PSED kit.

High voltage warning at electrified fence
  • Issuance of long-term signal “Alarm” in the presence of high voltage pulses at the electrified fence.

  • Voice and light warning on a site in the presence of high voltage at electrified fence.

  • Warning signs on the fence body: “Danger. High voltage”.

High voltage pulses parameters

30 pulses of 47 kV amplitude for 3 seconds, then a 1 s pause.

PSED supply voltage
  • From 187 to 242 V in the frequency of (50 ± 1) Hz, single phase.

  • High voltage unit power - 24 V AC from the transformer in the section cabinet.

Electromagnetic compatibility

Complies with GOST R 50746-2000 p. 4, for group II performance, quality performance criteria are not lower than “B”.

Temperature range

-50° C to +50° C


At least 10 years


Periodic inspection

Integration with existing alarm systems

Integrates with AS perimeter controllers:

  • as an external control device (signals “Alarm” AS section);

  • as a technical means of detection (signals “Alarm BH”, “Alarm” and “Fault”).

Requirements to the electrified fence
  • Any available perimeter security fence with no restrictions on its type and height.

  • Specialized engineering fence “MOLNIA-3.9-K-ASh” - provides the most efficient system operation.


Rows of electrified wire elements of cold galvanized wire with a 2.5 mm diameter at distance not more than 200 mm at the fence top.

Alarm display

At IPESD “MOLNIA” workstation and-or at perimeter alarm system workstation.


Protective Stun effect device “MOLNIA-K.212”

PSED ”MOLNIA” kit includes:

  1. Section cabinet with master controller KUP-M-01:

    • transformers, high voltage power supply unit 24 V AC;

    • unit for speech and light warning;

    • heating system;

    • ventilation system;

    • Intrusion indicator.


    Section cabinets

  2. High voltage blocks from 1 to 10 units depending on the fence height and the configuration of the protected area. Mounted on electrified fences body and connected with the section cabinet.

  3. Loudspeaker (for every 100 meters of fence).

  4. Warning light “flashing light” type (for every 100 meters of fence).

Козырек, громкоговоритель и маяк1.jpg

Подключение БВ.JPG

Loudspeaker and warning light

High voltage block


Electrified fence

Electrified fence is an engineering fence with non-lethal stun effects consisting of:

  1. The engineering fence of any type (mesh, concrete, brick or corrugated sheet) including existing fence1.

  2. Special insulators kit allowing for compact installation of electrified elements.

  3. System of permanent all-weather electrified wire tensioning elements.

  4. Electrified elements in the form of a series of cold-rolled galvanized wire. It is allowed to use at gates and other selected areas instead of metal wire mesh panels.


1It is recommended to use specialized electrified fence ”MOLNIA-K-212” of various modifications with pre-installed tensioners and intermediate insulators. The use of this fence provides the best compatibility with PSED and simplifies installation and maintenance issues.




Workstation ”MOLNIA” is aimed to administer and manage IPESD ”MOLNIA”. In order to optimize the management of security systems in its ability to integrate WS complex engineering systems of facility physical protection.

IPESD ”MOLNIA” administrator performs the following functions:

  • integrates all PSED ”MOLNIA-K.212” areas on the facility perimeter in a complete complex of IPESD ”MOLNIA”;

  • creates a graphic plan of the IPESD ”MOLNIA” entire complex and PSED sections;

  • sets conditions and an alarm system to integrate high-voltage pulses in some PSED areas.

IPESD ”MOLNIA” operator performs the following actions:

  • monitors the status of the PSED ”MOLNIA-K.212” areas (with status of each of the high voltage unit);

  • handles alarms and faults;

  • if necessary, turns on and off high voltage pulses at PSED sites (up to each high voltage unit).


  IPESD "MOLNIA" workstation

intergrated with the facility security system


  • Voice systems and light alerts warn of the danger of a potential intruder approaching the electrified fence.

  • PSED “MOLNIA-K.212“ schematic and design solutions provides a single-shot stun effect (no more than 3s) which guarantees its non-lethal effect.

  • A remote locking of PSED sections allow emergency high voltage switch off of the facility fence.

  • High voltage units power supply is safe for humans - 24 V AC. The design provided complete electrical isolation between blocks of high-voltage power supply and the section cabinet.



PSED “MOLNIA-K.212“ stun effect parameters fully comply with the requirements of GOST R 50940-96 “Electroshock devices. General specifications“.



GOST Requirements

A single impact time, not more than

3,0 s

not more than 3.0 s

Pause time between impacts, not less than

1,0 s

not less than 1.0 s

The average power feedback per equivalent active load resistance of 1 kOm

2,2 W

from 1.0 to 4.0 W

Voltage exposure

47 kV

from 45 to 70 kV