Biometric readers “KUPOL-BIOPROF” are designed for reliable recognition of visitors by the pattern of the veins of the palm (vascular scanning) while providing access control at the protected facility.


Access Control

  • identification through the veins of the palm, RFID cards and access codes;

  • control of access devices (locks, turnstiles, wicket cabins);

  • generating an alarm when unauthorized access is attempted;

  • event logging;

  • access mediation by time zones;

  • real-time monitoring of system events;

  • anti passback;

  • ability to access using smart cards with the storage of prints of the veins of the palms;

  • the ability to access in the modes “palm”, “card”, “access code”, and in all their combinations, including “palm and card, and access code”.

Time-and-attendance system

  • automated accounting of the time of arrival and departure of employees;

  • creation of reports on the presence or absence of an employee at the workplace, on lateness and early departures (more than 20 different types of reports);

  • creating custom report forms in the report design.

Integration features

  • full integration with SSOI-KUPOL;

  • integration with any existing safety systems of buildings and structures.



In comparison with the access cards

Identification of a person by their unique physiological parameters is infallible unlike recognition by an access card, which can be passed to another person or stolen.


In comparison with the fingerprints

Unlike fingerprint recognition, palm vein recognition does not depend on humidity and contamination of the palm, cuts and burns, and is not affected by the cold climate. In addition, the vein pattern cannot be faked.

Pinpoint accuracy

  • Each person’s palm vein pattern is unique and does not change with age.

  • The system is insensitive to the environment, does not depend on dryness, humidity, temperature, palm contamination (dust, dirt, oil).

  • Glare from the bright light is completely eliminated owing to the polarizing filter.

  • Verified recognition algorithms minimize the percentage of errors.

Impossible to fake

  • In the visible spectrum, the veins of the palms are not visible, which eliminates the possibility of replacing the palm with a dummy.

  • Blood movement is necessary for the system to work.

High performance rate

  • Processing 2000 palm patterns takes 1 second.

  • Compact palm pattern does not exceed 1 Kb.

Convenience and hygiene

  • The method of recognition by the veins of the palm is non-contact (there is no direct contact of the palm with the scanner)

  • Models of scanners have a convenient emphasis for exact positioning of a palm.

  • The method is absolutely safe for the skin and blood vessels.



The KUPOL-BIOPROF biometric readers use the technology of acquiring palm images in infrared light of a certain wavelength. Blood hemoglobin has a higher infrared absorption coefficient than the rest of the palm. Due to this, veins hidden under the skin become visible when scanning in the infrared region of the spectrum. The resulting vein pattern is unique to each person, and the system uses it for subsequent identification. A special scanner reads the information, then the system compares it with the database, and if the received information matches the digital template, the device sends a signal and opens the electronic lock.

The scanner has 16 infrared LEDs that are projected onto the palm of your hand, and the reflected signal is processed by the camera. The design of the palm vein reader is based on a photosensitive matrix, an optical lens, and light filters. Image capture from the matrix is performed at least 50 times per second. The resulting graphic image from the matrix is fed to the built-in microcontroller for further processing. A mathematical template is generated, which is then transmitted via a USB interface to an external computer.






Maximum number of users

300 000

Maximum number of stored events

10 000 000

The probability of erroneous access


Time of identification by the veins of the palm

0,5 sec

Web interface for configuration


Interface for communication with a computer

Ethernet (IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T, IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX)

WIEGAND output

26-40 bit

On-Board relay for lock control

+, 12 VDC 1A



icon_palm.png icon_card.png icon_code.png

The terminal provides comprehensive identification by biometric data, access card and access code.

The built-in controller, as well as a touch keyboard and LCD screen allow you to use the terminal in standalone mode for independent control of executive devices.

The terminal is protected from unauthorized access due to the ability to configure the entrance to the terminal menu by palm and access levels.

Terminal dimensions (HxWxD): 155x220x140 mm



icon_palm.png icon_card.png

The reader provides access using biometric data and an access card.

It is used together with Kupol-Bioprof controllers with connection to turnstiles and door locks.

It has customizable LED and sound indication.

Reader dimensions (HxWxD): 160x185x134 mm




The desktop reader is intended for authorization of users of the operating system/software products to confirm their identity and access level.

It is also used in the pass office for entering new users.

Reader dimensions (HxWxD): 174x130x110 mm



The controller is designed to control execution units (door lock, turnstile) together with biometric readers.

One controller supports up to two readers and up to two execution units.

Controller dimensions (HxWxD): 126x157x45 mm