Life Support Units



Life Support Units CORVET coal sectioned with output of 3500 m3 / h and 7000 m3 / h are designed for the use in ventilation systems of nuclear power plants (NPPs) for highly effective cleaning of production facilities from aerosols, molecular iodine and its organic compounds as well as radioactive.

Corvet unit 315-7,1 is allowed to be used in nuclear power plants located in areas of seismic activity for devastating earthquakes with destructive intensity of 8 points by the MSK-64 scale.

Unit Description

Corvet unit 315-7,1 has a sectional design. The standardized sections are joint successively and sealed with each other using radiation-resistant sealant paste (drop-fog catcher, electric heater, fine and iodine cleaning filters). The sections are equipped with built-in modules (and take-out) providing air treatment and filtering, high-pressure fan GDP.

Corvette 315-7,1 section housings are mounted on supports of various design allowing to assemble the Corvet 315-7,1 installation of different height even by placing them on top of each other (two -storied layout). This arrangement saves production space and solves the problem for the formation of various performance settings (3500m3 / h, 2 pcs. Of 3500m3 / h 7000m3 / h) using the same universal sections. A uniting sewer (vertical or horizontal) should be used to form the unit of 7000m3 / h output by special consumer order.


Specifications are shown in the table.

Parameter, specifications   Corvet 315-7,1

Corvet 315-12,5

Rated air capacity, m3/h 3500 7000
The cleaning efficiency at nominal air flow,%
- radioactive aerosols 99,97 99,97
- molecular iodine 99,9 99,9
- organic compounds of iodine (methyliodide-131) 99 99
Working temperature, °C from -10 up to +150 from -10 up to +150
Relative humidity at the inlet, % 100 (drops) 100 (drops)
Drag flow medium, Pa * initial 2400 2400
- max allowable 5000 5000
Total capacity of the electric heaters, kW 15 30
Specified lifetime for housings 50 years 50 years
Designated overhaul, h 40 000 40 000
Average time to failure, not less, h 8900 8900
Average performance recovery time , no more than, h 24 24
Power and fan speed 15 kW for 3000 r/min 30 kW for 1500 r/min

Key components and materials

  • drop and fog catcher TC E.045.6943.14.03;

  • iodine module TC E.045.6994.01;

  • highly efficient aerosol filter FAS-V-3500-D04 OC TC (sertified in OIT);

  • sorbent VSK-5IK, TC 2568-374-04838763-2010.