Consultation with a specialist

Capital construction facilities

Housing and civil engineering

Execution of high complexity, including the design of neighborhoods, supplying communications (gas, water, electricity, sewerage, telephone and fiber optic backbone), road and driveways convenient for residents , parking spaces in the courtyards and public buildings.

Infrastructure planning: the required number of kindergardens, schools, clinics, shops, consumer services, financial institutions. Determination of places for recreation: playgrounds, parks, malls, entertainment complexes.

Some of the completed projects:

  • Hotel Renaissance, Samara, general contracting;

  • Sanatorium "Raduga", Sochi, general contracting, reconstruction;

  • Radisson SAS Hotel Belorusskaya, Moscow, general contracting;

  • Residential building, Yekaterinburg, an investor;

  • Apartment house, Sochi, general contracting;

  • Gagra " Tower Millennium" residence, Sochi, general contracting;

  • Monolithic residence on Bolotnikovskaya Street, Moscow, general contracting;

  • "Academichesky" district №2, Ekaterinburg, project management;

  • "Selma" district, apartments for military, Kaliningrad, general contracting;

  • Residential building for military, Novovoronezh, general designing.