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Air Conditioners "CORVET SB"

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Seismic resistant central air conditioners "CORVET SB".

Intended for creation and maintenance of required air parameters in nuclear power plants premises and nuclear power unit.

Purpose and scope

Conditioners "CORVET SB" are intended for creation and maintenance of required air parameters in nuclear power plants premises and nuclear power units .Air conditioners for nuclear power plants belong to 4safety category, I, II and III seismic resistance. Safety class and class designation of PNAEG 01-011 -97 is defined by the customer.

Air conditioners are designed to a temperate climate, location category 3.1 SS 15150-69 with air temperature + 5 ° C to 45 ° C and the type of atmosphere II, according to SS 15150-69.

Development, manufacture and supply of air conditioners 4 safety class I, II and III of the seismic resistance is made in accordance with the technical specifications of the manufacture plant , developed in accordance with the general industrial rules and regulations, as well as the additional requirements of the customer.

Designation Rated air capacity, m3 / h
"Corvet SB"-1,6 200-630
"Corvet SB"-2 400-1600
"Corvet SB"-2,5 500-3150
"Corvet SB"-3,15 1000-6300
"Corvet SB"-4 1600-5600
"Corvet SB"-5 3150-12500
"Corvet SB"-6,3 4500-12500
"Corvet SB"-8


"Corvet SB"-10 16000-63000
"Corvet SB"-12,5 20000-100000

Air treatment in the air conditioners should be carried out through a variety of functional units which should allow various functional layout for the various purpose air conditioning.

The list of units as a part of a specific air conditioner is outlined by the manufacturer on the basis of customer requirements (related to the air treatment circuit, the air conditioner mode, systems specifications for creating and maintaining man made climate in the premises).


Overall and mounting dimensions, weight and power consumption are specified and agreed upon with the customer of the contract for delivery depending on the required customer parameters (performance, pressure) and are included in operating documentation delivered with a product. 

Conditioner typesize Length, mm, min/max Width, mm, min/max Height, mm, min/max Weight, kg min/max

With water heat exchanger

"Corvet SB"-1,6...В 934 348 333 36
"Corvet SB"-2...В 1192/1482 404 389 52/61
"Corvet SB"-2,5...В 1289/1628 493 474 94/116
"Corvet SB"-3,15...В 1374/1774 582 555 108/155
"Corvet SB"-4... В 1536/1976 802 762 180/210
"Corvet SB"-5... В 1940/1978 954/1146 914/1106 290/320
"Corvet SB"-6,3... В 2090/2605 1146/1790 1106/1440 380/740
"Corvet SB"-8...В 3060/3101 1390/1790 1480/1800 940/1050
"Corvet SB"-10...В 3435/4165 1790/2100 1800/2830 1350/1685
"Corvet SB"-12.5...В 4065/4800 2050/2350 2670/2830 2000/2580

С электрическим теплообменником

"Corvet SB"-1,6..,Э 1294/1419 348 333 40/42
"Corvet SB"-2...Э 1482/1597 404 389 64/70
"Corvet SB"-2,5.. .Э 1768 493 474 101
"Corvet SB"-3,15... Э 1659/1794 582 555 135/143
"Corvet SB"-4... Э 1816/2076 802 762 185/210
"Corvet SB"-5...Э 2033/2338 954 914 270
"Corvet SB"-6,3. ..Э 2225/2530 1146 1106 410/460


The exact dimensions, connecting dimensions and weight are defined at the customer’s request.