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JSC "NEPT" is among the leaders in the construction of additional building for spent fuel storage facility at Smolensk NPP // 27.11.2014


Quality and safety on the construction of additional storage building for spent nuclear fuel at nuclear power station complies with all the requirements -

Such a conclusion was made by branch commission worked at the facility under the supervision of Rosatom chief specialist of the profile service department inspector general - Alexander Man’shin, November 24-27. Experts estimated the efficiency of interaction between the plant and the general contractor - Desnogorsk branch of JSC "R&DIMT - Atomstroy."

Complete construction of additional building required for further stable and secure operation of the Smolensk nuclear power plant is due in 2017. Its commissioning will solve a number of strategic objectives: 100% in increase of the capacity of the current   spent nuclear fuel storage SNPS and ensure safe storage of spent nuclear fuel of our nuclear power stations prior to export to the plant for processing. The quality of the construction of such an important production facility is under the control of the management of the industry.

"NEPT" subcontractors "Stroyizolyatsiya", "ECM", "AEP", "Tehatomstroy" DMU "E-4 CSE", "Agroinformservis worked in tandem with NEPT on monolithic walls and floors, installation of steel structures, ventilation and electrical networks. As stated by the Commission, they all have licenses and certificates RTN self-regulatory organization. Staff is provided with the necessary personal protective equipment.

Rosatom experts focused on meeting the requirements of work safety regulations, fire and industrial safety, labor input control, supervision, and many other issues. In the end they came to the conclusion that the construction worked out the system of quality assurance. Effective recognized measures taken Smolensk NPP showed positive results at actions to avoid injury to the contractors: operative and complex inspections, patrol the construction site, the days of labor protection, the use of vouchers for the prevention of violations, the search for their causes and control solutions.

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